Malta Utilities - Water and Sewer

Sewer and water services for Malta and McConnelsville are handled at the The Village of McConnelsville Waste Water Treatment Plant in Malta. The Village of McConnelsville purchases water from the Village of Malta. McConnelsville in turn sells water to the Morgan-Meigsville Water Authority. To establish new water and sewer service with the Village of Malta, or to report problems with existing service, please contact the plant at the number listed below.


Malta Water Treatment Plant
2620 Poplar Ridge Rd.
Malta, Ohio 43758
Phone: 740-962-6118

Monthly Metered Rates for Water and Sewage
Metered Water Rates:      
  Water Sewage Total
0-399 Gallons-Vacant* $6.00 $31.00 $37.00
*Must have written notice from owner to verify vacancy.
400-3,000 Gallons $26.00 $71.00 $97.00
OVERAGE per thousand gals. $3.00 $6.00 $9.00
Out of town rates:
  Water Sewage
0-399 Gallons-Vacant $6.00 $31.00
400-3,000 Gallons $39.00 $74.00
Overage $3.00 $6.00
Due date is the 15th of each month. Pay your bill online through your local bank.
There is a 10% penalty after the 15th.
Call your bank for details.